Knockdown Rebuild

Sometimes you just love where you live, and with a Knockdown Rebuild you can start again without moving an inch. We’ve mastered the art of the Knockdown Rebuild and we take pride in making the process exciting and enjoyable for our customers.

It starts with a vision,

it ends with a lifestyle.

Knockdown Rebuilds are the go-to option for those who love where they live but their home no longer works for them. We’ve brought many of these projects to life for our clients, and we know it can be more convenient and costeffective than you anticipate, with no stamp duty costs to worry about.

We can also guide you through the process, help you apply your vision and get you into your dream home without leaving your favourite street.


Angie Florence

Interior Designer

Design Personalisation

As part of the process, you’ll be invited to Apex Studio to meet our inhouse Interior Designer (ID) who will work with you to make your interior space functional and beautiful.


The ID will step you through colour choices, lighting options and materials, and finishes and fixtures to add character to your design while remaining focused on your vision. In addition to this, our ID can also assist in the exterior designs for the facade of your home.