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A Buyer's Guide To Knockdown And Rebuild

The priority for buyers who are considering a knockdown rebuild is location, location, location. Knockdown rebuilds are the go-to option for those who love where they live but their home no longer works for them. At Apex Homes, we’ve brought many of these projects to life for our clients, and we know it can be more convenient and cost-effective than you anticipate.

Although there are many benefits of a knockdown rebuild, there are some questions you need to ask yourself. What logistics are involved? What house can I afford to buy, and where? And most importantly, will this suit the needs of me and my family? In today’s blog, we’ve answered all these questions and more so you can navigate your way through this process with confidence.

Location, Location, Location

As with any move made in the property space, before you knockdown and rebuild, the main thing you need to consider is location.

When you’re intending to rebuild, you don’t need to find a home that already has what you’re looking for, but you need to have the budget for the right location. You should know the area well before you start the hunt, which means taking a look at other homes in your price range and visiting them in person, so you can understand how much land your dollar can get you.

Keep an eye out for things like the atmosphere of the street, neighbouring buildings, proximity to amenities and transport. Just because you are buying the home for its potential, doesn’t mean you can’t make an informed decision about which suburb is best for you.

Legal Requirements and Regulations

Before you knockdown and rebuild, you need to be aware of all the legal obligations and requirements that come with it. These regulations differ from council to council, so it’s important to consult professionals before getting your heart set firmly on a location. You’ll need to be aware of the permissions you need and ensure the rebuild complies with local building regulations such as heights, maximum size and more. Planning zones and planning overlays, such as heritage or vegetation, may affect your block of land; if you’re having any alterations done to your home, these also need to be taken into account because they will change the type of structure you’ll be building.

In the site assessment phase, you also need to be aware of any restrictions to your dream home’s size. As a rule of thumb, councils require the setback of your principal frontage to be aligned with your neighbour’s - this could therefore end up limiting how much of your block you can build on. Apex Homes have decades of experience when it comes to residential building, so you know if you team up with us, we can help you through the process as well as offer advice on your requirements. Plus, we can help you find the perfect block for your knockdown rebuild.

Looking to the Long-Term

As a buyer, another key question to ask yourself is does this knockdown and rebuild meet the needs of your family? A knockdown rebuild can offer you the chance to build a home that serves the needs of your family and matches your own long term goals. For example, if you have children and need a high-quality play area and work-safe space for them while you work from home, then you can have the option to build and tailor a multi-functional space at the rear of your home which could be the perfect balance combination of both working area and home childcare area for you, all in one place without leaving home. Or maybe you want a secure driveway with enough room to park your car. The possibilities are endless.

All these things can be achieved by designing a layout and footprint that suits your needs. A knockdown rebuild is a great option if you love where you live but your home no longer works for your needs. As part of the knockdown and rebuild process, you’ll be invited to the Apex Homes Showroom to meet our in-house interior designer who will work with you to make your interior space both functional and beautiful.

Project Timeline

There are a number of steps to a knockdown rebuild, which means you need to be aware of how long the process will take. You should also have a plan in place of when you would like to move in. The first is acquiring the property, then architect and planning applications, getting building board approval, beginning demolition and construction. There are a number of steps to a knockdown rebuild, which means you need to be aware of how long the process will take.

The good news is we work on the rebuild directly, so you can feel confident you’re working with a home builder that’s committed to delivering projects within a guaranteed build timeframe, whilst staying within budget and going above and beyond Australian building industry standards.

However, it’s important to understand that this is a complex process with lots of variables that impact time. Do not underestimate the planning time required, the old adage of “be prepared, plan ahead” is good wisdom to apply. The efforts are rewarding when you get to move into your new home. If you want to know more about this process, take a look below and we’ll give you some information on the steps involved.


When it comes to knockdown and rebuild, we're not afraid of a challenge, but as a buyer, it's important to be aware of the full scale of logistics involved in the process. For example:


The size of roads around the property, overhead power lines, nearby schools or the need for traffic management could impact the timeline of your knockdown and rebuild.


There will be a number of services you’ll need to disconnect, such as gas, water and electricity.


All building sites require a legal point of discharge (LPOD) and a sewer tie for drainage before the rebuild can commence.


Overhead power lines will be replaced with a new electricity pit to serve the property underground.

While these factors are by no means a deal breaker when it comes to knockdown and rebuilding, it's important to be aware of issues that may arise throughout the journey towards your dream home.

In conclusion, knocking down a property and rebuilding it can be a great opportunity for you if you’re looking to improve the quality of life in your current home or if you want to start fresh and create a new one. It can be challenging, but with some research, planning and communication with Apex Homes, you can deliver your knockdown rebuild on time and within budget.

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