• Tim Tasci

Corner Blocks: The Best Choice In Real Estate

Whether you’re a first home buyer, downsizing, or going the knockdown and rebuild route, location is the defining feature of valuable real estate, and you can’t talk about valuable real estate without mentioning corner blocks. So what are corner blocks, and why are they such an attractive option? In simple terms, corner blocks are land with two sides on two streets. The value they offer makes them more than a worthwhile investment. Today, we're taking a look at exactly why corner blocks are the best choice in real estate - keep reading to find out more!

More Space Means More Value

Some corner block benefits can be attributed to the larger plots they typically come with, although corner homesites and lot sizes do vary based on location or estate aesthetics. In any case, dual access properties are a premium, and having a double streetscape is definitely worth the investment. Not only that, corner blocks provide a lot more flexibility when it comes to the planning and design of your home. You'll have plenty of space to create your own garden, set up a play area for the kids or make the perfect outdoor entertainment area. You are not sandwiched between two neighbours.

Better Light And Ventilation

Properties on corner blocks are exposed to multiple angles of natural light. This makes the rooms in your home feel more open and look naturally brighter, which is great for everyday living. Dark and dingy corners will be a thing of the past and you won't run up a costly electricity bill turning on interior lights after 5pm. Even better, you won’t have to worry about nosy neighbours peering in.

Wake up and smell the roses! Another added benefit of corner blocks is that you'll get twice the amount of fresh air each day. Not only will your home always smell clean and fresh, but this is great for those who suffer from asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems, as they'll be able to breathe a whole lot easier.

Additional Parking Spaces

Parking can be a big issue in urban and suburban areas, which is why property investors always try to scoop up corner blocks when they become available. Not every block can be a corner block, after all. Corner blocks have double street frontage and therefore multiple access points, which is great news for families with multiple cars or friends and family that come by for a visit. Looking to the long-term, additional parking is good for when it comes time to sell. The more parking spaces your home has, the more likely it is to attract a buyer because they won't have to deal with the stress of finding a spot for their car(s). A corner block can allow you to put a separate access gate on the side of the street to enter the rear yard for such things as a caravan or trailer, which is ideal for tradespeople with valuable tools and equipment to keep safe.

Safety and Privacy

Despite their double frontage, corner block properties typically offer more privacy and safety compared to your typical single-frontage home. This is due to the fact that buildings and walls in your line of sight will be fewer and further between. You'll be able to watch passers-by without any sort of obstruction, and will also be able to install security cameras if you so wish. Buyers are also attracted to corner blocks because they offer a clearer view of the outdoors including nature and other features. Moreover, you’ll have more street lighting to keep you safe if you get home after dark.

More Design Freedom

A prime feature of corner blocks is that they lessen restrictions when it comes to planning and design. You can easily create a one-of-a-kind home as you like, with whatever size rooms and dimensions you prefer. There are also no traditional paths in the backyard so there are no rules about which direction the entrance and exit point should be placed. This means you can be creative! Make your home more aesthetically appealing by placing important features, such as the driveway, exactly where you want them.

Put simply, corner blocks are for those who are ready to pay a bit more in order to achieve the perfect home. They provide plenty of value and space and provide some of the best design freedom you can find anywhere. So if you're ready to make an investment, perhaps consider a corner block.

Keep an eye out for any current promotions on Apex Homes’ corner blocks; you’d be lucky to secure one to build your dream home or investment. Contact one of our Apex Homes experts today and we'll happily help you find a corner block that suits your needs.